madhu baskaran kerala trainer

Thomas Murickan Says

Madhu Bhaskaran has a unique style of presentation which appeals to a wide range of audience. He has mastered the art of delivering his message in a hilarious and palatable fashion, yet not losing grip on the crux of the matter

Managing Director

Ratheesh Ravi Says

Madhu Bhaskaran is my inspiration who extended all the support to discover my positives which become the weapons to handle the obstacles in life and also grateful for the transformation which happened in my life through his inspirational training

Director, IMS Cochin

Sunny Joseph Says

Since 1997, I have known Madhu, the analytical genius and a true transformer of lives. Sometimes I feel he is a gift, when I see people growing and changing. It's just great to see that he has never stopped his personal pursuit in learning how to do things better. There are good trainers, a few great trainers, but in my opinion, he does it the best

Consultant-Clinical Psychologist Manipal hospital, Bangalore

Joby Mathew Says

Madhu Bhaskaran is along with us for several years, inspiring and motivating our team. He has always been playing his role very well and thus contributed to making D'LIFE the largest home interior furnishing company in Kerala. He knows the secret of exploring the hidden treasure within.

Managing Director, D'LIFE Home Interiors

M.Jayachandran Says

Madhu Bhaskaran is one of the most wonderful persons I have met in my life. His theories on how to succeed in life and live with joy have always inspired me. I request the younger generation to listen to him, experience his wisdom and make life more worthwhile.

Music Director