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Adventurous Learning

                                         Adventurous learning is very popular training method in developed countries. Adventurous learning helps to remove the fear factor of the participants, because in this method we face the risky exercises. When we face risky situations, actually we have to confront our fear element.

After the training, participants will understand his challenges in his communication, importance of communication particularly body language and practical strategies for effective communication.

In adventurous learning MadhuBhaskaran is a pioneer in Kerala. About 20,000 people have participated in his adventurous learning process. Mainly we deal adventurous activities for team building and team working with personal transformation. We are experts in fire walking, arrow breaking, board breaking, iron bar bending, walkingon broken glasses etc.

After the training, participants will get the freedom from fear, more courage and confidence about himself and others. MadhuBhaskaran is the first certified fire walk instructor from Kerala, who was trained by Peggy Dylan ( mother of fire walk), Sundoor, USA.

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